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LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 





President's Message 

As we pursue the knowledge of the good, we unshackle ourselves from the 
chains of ignorance, leave the world of dimness and finally enter the light of 
wisdom. And so it is in Plato's Republic. 

Our world of dimness is comparable to Plato's cave of shadows where those 
people possessing desirable traits which enable them to enter the class of silver 
finally are able to reach the stage of the philosopher kings. We will be for- 
ever indebted to our philosopher kings — the faculty — who have enriched our 
lives and have set us on that brilliant path of wisdom. 




It would be impossible for those of us in the class of 1958 who 
have known and loved Miss Mileham to tell the story of our life at 
North Adams State Teachers College without including a tribute to 
her. Miss Mileham's warmth and generosity did much to brighten 
our college days and will live in our hearts throughout our future 



We, the class of 1958, shall not forget the friendly efficient 
manner of Mr. Luddy who succeeded Miss Mileham as our class 
advisor. He has always been willing to help us in any way as our 
advisor, teacher, and friend. We should like to express our ap- 
preciation for his assistance to the class. 

<*&* ljr "'" 


^ p* 

1%-A ,•*> 





r^Vl o^\ r ,^ iP*\r 

< j <' > ,. - , 



^ Vv *Nj 


Dr. John H. Semon. Dr. Harry G. Schrickel, John T. McNulty, Wallace H. Venable, 
Mary Underhill. Edmund K. Luddy, Margaret M. Lanoue, Ames S. Pierce. 

College Faculty 

Louis Cuccinello. Dr. John J. Komorek. Andrew S. Flagg, Martha E. Durnin, 
Kenneth 0. Davis. Ruth Tangley. Frederick K. Bressette. (Absent from picture 
Hvman Patashnick. I 

FIRST ROW: Claire Barry, Mary Merrigan, Margaret Stevenson, John Durnin, 

Mary Walsh, Patricia Prendergast. 
SECOND ROW: Robert Maroni, Loretta Loftus, Edmund Sullivan, William Minardi, 

Helen Brown. 
(Absent from picture Angela Crowley.) 

Training School Faculty 

Office Staff 

Marion Reed, Bertha Allyn, Edward MacFarland. 








South Main Street 

Lanesboro, Massachusetts 

Class President — 3 
College Bookstore — 2. 3 

Assistant Manager — 2 

Manager — 3 
College Union Board 2. 3 
Eastern States Conference — 3 
Glee Club— 1 
Honor Society — 2. 3, 4 
Intramural Sports — 3. 4 
MAA— 1, 2, 3, 4 
Student Council — 3, 4 

President — 1 
Who's Who in American Colleges — I 
Yearbook Staff — 3. 4 

"Reason and judgment are the qualities of a 



68 Monson Road 
Wilbraham. Massachusetts 

Class Secretary — 1 
Alter Natus Secretary — 1 
Christian Association — 1, 2. 3. 4 

Treasurer — 2 

Vice President — 3 
Drama Club— 1. 2. 3. 1 

Secretary — 3 

President — 4 
The Tender Trap — 3 
College Union Board — 2. 3. 4 

Assistant Co-Chairman — 3 
WRA Orientation— 2. 3 

Secretary — 4 
Student Council — 4 
Public Relations — 3 
Winter Carnival Queen's Court — 2 
Charter Member of Delta Psi 

Omega National Dramatics — 2. 4 
Newman Club — 4 

"Eat, drink and he merry, for tomorrow we diet." 


"Don 7 
6 Newark Street 
Adams, Massachusetts 
MAA— 1, 2, 3, 1 

"The strongest man in the world is he who stands 
most alone." 


41 Holbrook Street 
North Adams. Massachusetts 

Glee Club— I 
MAA— 1, 2, 3, 4 

"What's a mans age? He must hurry faster; that's 




1055 Tyler Street 

Pittsfield, Massachusetts 

Honor Society — 4 
MAA— 1. 2, 3, 4 
Yearbook Staff— 4 

"Few things are impossible to diligence and skill.' 


376 Columbia Street 
Adams. Massachusetts 

Basketball Manager — 2. 3. 1 
Newman Club — 1, 2. 3, 4 
Current Events Club — 2. 4 
Glee Club— 1. 2. 3, 4 
MAA— 1, 2, 3. I 
Music Club— 1 
Radio Club— 1 
Yearbook Staff — 1 

"In arguing too the parson own'd his skill, 

For e'en though vanquished, he could argue still." 


254 Dalton Avenue 
Pittsfield, Massachusetts 

Glee Club Accompanist — 1, 2 
Mortarboard— I, 2. 3, I 
Science Club — 1 
Yearbook Committee — 4 

"My country is the world, and my religion is to 
do good." 



Commonwealth Avenue 
Hinsdale. Massachusetts 

Basketball Timekeeper — 3 
College Union Board — 1 
Current Events Club — 1 
Drama Club — 3, 1 
Radio Glub— 4 
Intramural Sports — 4 
MAA— 1. 2. 3, 1 
Mortarboard — 4 
Newman Club 1. 2. 3, 4 

President — I 
Publicity Representative — 3 
Student Council — 4 
Swampscott Conference — 1 
Westfield Conference — I 
Yearbook Committee — 1 
"Do as I say, not as I do!" 






27 Kemp Avenue 
North Adams, Massachusetts 

Christian Association — 1, 2, 3, 4 
Glee Club — 1 
Public Relations — 3 
Science Club — 2 
WRA— 1. 2, 3, 4 

Freshman Representative — 1 

Head of Sports — 2 
Yearbook Committee — 4 

"Laugh and the world laughs with you." 


54 Chamberlain Avenue 
Dalton, Massachusetts 

Class Vice President — 2 

Intramural Basketball — 2. 3, 1 

MA A— 1. 2. 3, 4 

"Enough work to do and the strength to do it." 

>k^— ^ 

^^r^ /^ 




- 4 # 


k s v * * 

.;-.t. -*■»;>, ^ < .5 

i*.*T* 1 



Pittsfield Road 

Lenox, Massachusetts 

Christian Association — 1, 2. 3, 4 

President — 2, 4 
College Union — 2. 3 
Current Events — 1. 2. 3 
Glee Club— 1. 2 
Honor Society — 2. 3, 4 
Intramural Softball — 2 
MA A— 1, 2, 3, 4 
Student Council — 2. 3. 4 

"Whoso ivould be a man must be a non-con- 


232 Springside Avenue 
Pittsfield. Massachusetts 

Cheerleader — 1, 2, 3, 4 
Class Secretary — 4 
Glee Club— I 
Dormitory Council — 3 
Drama Club — 1, 2 

Secretary — 2 
Newman Club— 1. 2, 3. 4 

Secretary — 3 

Treasurer — 1 
Winter Carnival Queen's Court — 1. 2 
WRA— 1, 2, 3, 4 

"She smiled and the shadows departed." 






169 Liberty Street 

North Adams. Massachusetts 

Alter Natus — 1 
Current Events — 1, 2 
Drama Club — 1 
WRA— 1, 2, 3, 4 

"The grand essentials of happiness are something 

to do, something to love and something to hope 




Knox Road 

Pittsfield. Massachusetts 

Current Events — 1. 2. 3, 4 

President— 2. 3 
Dormitory Council — 2. 3, 4 

Treasurer — 2 

Vice President — 3 

President — 1 
Eastern States Conference — 4 
Glee Club— 1. 3. 1 
Honor Society — 2, 3, 4 

Vice President — 4 
New England Teacher Preparation Conference 
Newman Club— 1, 2, 3. 4 

Treasurer — 3 
Student Council — 2, 3, 4 
Who's Who in American Colleges — 4 
WRA— 1, 2. 3, 4 
Yearbook Assistant Editor — i 

"Efficient manner, eyes that smile, helpful, willing, 
all the while." 



16 Siara Street 

Adams. Massachusetts 

Intramural Basketball — 1, 2, 3, 4 
MAA— 1. 2. 3, 4 
Yearbook Committee — i 

"Ourselves, and not our words will count- 
Not what we said, but what we are!" 


203 Houghton Street 
North Adams, Massachusetts 

Current Events — 2 
Drama Club — 1 
Glee Club — 1 
Student Council — 4 
WRA— 1, 2. 3. 4 
Yearbook Editor — 4 

"What ivisdom can you find that is greater than 




Box 16 

Hancock. Massachusetts 

Christian Association — 1, 2, 3, 4 

Secretary — 2 

President — 3 
Current Events — 4 
Drama Cluh — 1 
Eastern States Conference — 4 
Freshman Orientation — 2, 3. 4 
Glee Club—] . 2, 3, 4 
Honor Society — 2, 3, 4 

Secretary -Treasurer — 3 
Student Council — 3, 4 

Secretary — 4 
Who's Who in American Colleges — 4 
WRA— 1. 2. 3, 4 
Yearbook Staff— 4 

"Fresh as a lark mounting at break of day, fes- 
tively she puts forth in trim array." 


215 North Summer Street 
Adams, Massachusetts 

Glee Club— 1, 2 
Intramural Sports — 1. 2 
MAA— 1. 2, 3, 4 
Newman Club— 1, 2, 3, 4 
Varsity Basketball — 1. 2 
Yearbook Committee — 4 

"Every man is the maker of his own fortune" 



55 East Street 

Adams. Massachusetts 

Christian Association — 1, 2, 3 
Science Club — 1, 2, 3, 4 
Student Council — 3 
Radio Club—- 1 
Yearbook Committee — 4 

"/ never found a companion that was so com- 
panionable as solitude." 


290 West Housatonic Street 
Pittsfield. Massachusetts 

WAA— 3, 4 

Yearbook Committee — 4 

"Nothing in life is more wonderful than faith." 



236 Church Street 

North Adams, Massachusetts 

Christian Association — 1, 2 
Intramural Basketball — 3. 4 
MAA— 1. 2. 3. 4 
Varsity Basketball — 1. 2 

"Where true fortitude dwells, loyalty, friendship 
and fidelity may be found." 


1 1 Holbrook Street 
North Adams. Massachusetts 

Bell, Book and Candle — 2 
Class President — 4 
College Union Board — 2, 3 
Ghost Train — 1 
Hello— 3 

Honor Society — 2. 3. 4 
Intramural Sports — 1. 2. 3. 1 
MAA— 1. 2. 3. 1 

Vice President — 3 
Newman Club — 2. 3. I 
Student Council — 1 
Svvampscott Conference — 3 
The Tender Trap — 3 
Varsity Basketball Manager — 1 
Who's Who in American Colleges — 1 
Yearbook Staff— 3. I 

"To me, nature is everything that man is born to 
and art is the difference he makes in it." 



Middletown Hill Road 

Rowe, Massachusetts 

Christian Association — 1 
Dormitory Council — 1 
Drama Cluh— 1, 2. 4 
Glee Club — 4 
Public Relations — I 
WRA— 1. 2, 3, 4 
Yearbook Committee — 1 

"// sincerity were made of gold, ivhat a treasure 
she could hold." 


6858 Arthur Court 
Jacksonville 11, Florida 

Alter Natus President — 1 
Bell, Book and Candle — 2 
Charter Member of Delta Psi 

Omega National Dramatics — 3, 4 
Class President — 1 
College Union Board — 2, 3 
Drama Club— 1, 2, 3, 4 

President — 2 
Ghost Train — 1 
Freshman Orientation — 3, 4 
Intramural Sports — 2, 3, 4 
MA A— 1, 2, 3, 4 

New England Teachers Preparatory Conference — 3 
Newman Club— 1, 2, 3, 4 
STC Publications Conference — 2 
Student Council — 1, 2, 3 
Taconic Columns — 1, 2, 3 

Assistant Editor — 2 
The Tender Trap — 3 
Varsity Basketball Assistant Manager — 3 
Yearbook Committee — 4 

"He that is of merry heart hath a continual feast.''' 


116 East Main Street 
Williamstown, Massachusetts 

Christian Association — 1. 2, 3 
Glee Club— 1. 2 
MAA— 1,2, 3,4 
Varsity Basketball — 3 

"Humor is the harmony of the heart." 



Box 108 

Hancock. Massachusetts 

Christian Association — 1, 2. 3. 1 

Treasurer — 3. A 
College Union — 3, 4 

Secretary — 3 

Treasurer — 1 
Drama Club — 1 
Freshman Orientation — 2. 3 
Glee Club— 1. 2 
Hello— 2 

Public Relations — 3 
The Tender Trap — 3 
WRA— 1. 2. 3. 1 
Yearbook Staff— I 

''Not/unit great ivas ever achieved without en- 


11 Kingmont Street 
Wakefield. Massachusetts 
Current Events — 1 
Dormitory Council — 2 
Drama Club— 1, 2, 3. I 
Newman Club — 1. 2. 3, 4 
WRA— 1. 2. 3. 4 

''Of all the work I like the best, 
I much prefer to sit and rest." 


5 Columbia Terrace 
Adams. Massachusetts 

Honor Society — 2. 3. 1 
Student Council — 3. 4 

Assistant Treasurer — 3 

Treasurer — 1 
University of Massachusetts — 1 
WRA— 2, 3, 4 
Yearbook Committee — 1 

"Let patience have her perfect work." 





Mountainview Street 

Williamstown. Massachusetts 

Christian Association — 1, 2. 3, 4 

Secretary — 3 
Class Treasurer — 2, 3 
College Union — 4 
Current Events Club — 2 

Secretary — 2 
Freshman Orientation — 3. 4 
Glee Club— 1. 2 
WRA— 1. 2, 3, 4 
Yearbook Committee — 4 

"Still pleased to teach, and yet not proud to know. 


North Road 
Chesterfield. Massachusetts 

Class Treasurer — 4 
Current Events — 2 
Dormitory Council — 4 
Honor Society — 2. 3. 4 

President— 4 
Newman Club — 2, 3, 4 
Public Relations — 3, 4 
Student Council — 4 
WRA— 1, 2. 3. 1 

"Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, an ex- 
cellent thing in a u>oman." 



107 First Street 

Pittsfield, Massachusetts 

Intramural Sports — 3. 4 
MAA— 1. 2. 3, I 
Yearbook Staff — I 

"A magnificent spectacle of human happiness. 

Oblong Road 
Williamstown. Massachusetts 

Christian Association — 1. 2. 3. 4 
Class Secretary — 2, 3 
College Union Board — 4 
Commuters' Club — 1 
Freshman Orientation — 3 
Glee Club— 2 
Student Council — 3 
WRA— 1. 2, 3, 4 

President — 3 
Yearbook Staff— 4 
"It's nice to be natural ivhen you're naturally nice." 


100 Acorn Street 
Pittsfield. Massachusetts 

Cheerleader— 1. 2. 3, 4 

Captain — 4 
Class Vice President — 1, 3 
Dormitory Secretary — 2 
Drama Club— 1, 2, 3, 4 

Vice President — i 
The Tender Trap — 3 
Intramural Sports — 1, 2 
Newman Club— 1, 2 ? 3, 4 

Secretary — 4 
Senior Queen's Court — 1, 3 
Winter Carnival Queen — 1 
WRA— 1, 2, 3, 4 

"Mischief sparkles in her eyes, 
And her laughter never dies." 



95 Brooklyn Street 

North Adams, Massachusetts 

Current Events — 3, 4 
Freshman Orientation — 3, 4 
Glee Club— 1. 2. 3, 4 
Yearbook Committee — 4 

"There is no truer truth obtainable than comes of 

Class History 

On a September morning in 1954. a timid group of students approached the 
portals of North Adams State Teachers College, where they hoped to shed the 
shackles that held them in the darkness of the cave of ignorance and enter the 
world of light, knowledge and wisdom. After a number of hesitant starts we finally 
caught a faint glimmer of light and thus began our slow, laborious ascent from 
the bottom of the cave. 

Friday evening of our first week arrived and we shyly attended our first social 
event, which was a reception held in our honor. At the reception one of our mem- 
bers, Joan Dion, was named freshman Queen. Halloween loomed over the horizon 
and brought with it the responsibility of sponsoring a dance. The dance, which was 
a grand success, showed that with cooperation and work we could accomplish a 
great deal. 

Other travelers ahead were beginning to be aware of us when Bunny and Annette 
were elected to the cheering squad and were chosen as queen and attendant respec- 
tively at the Winter Carnival. 

November brought political rallies, discussions and the long awaited day when 
we elected our leaders to help us wend our way toward the glimmer of light. We 
chose Paul Nash, Bunny Wary, Ike Koza and Nancy Alsing. 

One of the most memorable events was the Christmas Party, which was high- 
lighted by the presentation by the student body of a beautiful leather chair to the 
retiring President, Dr. Grover C. Bowman. Although we had known Dr. Bowman 
for only a short time, we had already developed a deep respect and admiration for 

This was the year of firsts. Dr. Freel began his first year as President of the 
college, the first Parents' day was held, Alter Natus was formed and we had our 
first experience with such things as "outside reading #1" and "horizontal questions." 
This was also the year when most of us met and some of us conquered the three- 
hour exam. In June we stopped on a ledge to rest before starting the next lap of 
our journey. 

In September. 1955, we saw that many of our party, preferring other trails, had 
decided to go no further with us. The path leading to the light had become very 
steep but we felt that if we could reach the next ledge then we would, in all proba- 
bility, achieve our goal. The reading of the Honor List at the beginning of the year 
indicated that the chains of ignorance were beginning to slacken, but those days in 
Dr. John's lab convinced us that we had a long way to go before they were broken. 

We found that we had come back with a strong feeling of unity and we chose 
as our very capable leader Jack Murphy who was assisted by Denny Duquette. Jean 
Shepard and Shirley Sweet. The ray of light, which had increased in both size and 
intensity, shone upon the artistic efforts we made in the planning and decorating 
for the Sophomore Prom, which was highly acclaimed by all who attended it. 
Inspired by our success in this venture and driven by our creative urge, we pro- 
duced "Minnie the Mermaid," who enhanced the Winter Carnival setting and led 
us to the first prize in the snow sculpturing contest. Not content with this honor, 
we became Stunt Night champions after demonstrating our acting ability in "Snow 
Drop and the Seven Drips." 

Although it was a most enjoyable year, it was not entirely devoted to having fun. 
Scholastically this was the year for daily quizzes, books to be read, and papers to 
be written. We found that we had to work steadily or fall by the wayside. Sopho- 
more Exams were a credit to some and a disappointment to others, as they showed 
us all our strengths and weaknesses in this struggle and proved that once again we 
ranked highest among the State Teachers Colleges. Arriving exhausted, but much 
wiser, at the next resting place, we paused to regain our strength before continuing 
our journey. 

As we continued, we found that the path had grown quite narrow and presented 
new obstacles. It took time to adjust to the different conditions, but we were de- 
termined not to fall back into the darkness. Burton Albert. Bunny Wary. Jean 
Shepard and Shirley Sweet led the group through methods, demonstration lessons. 
and "happy time" classes. We soon became aware that "drill follows understanding" 
and that people "learn by doing." If the latter is true, we must have learned a great 
deal. We spent hours preparing units, maps, arithmetic devices, tachistoscopes. and 
flash cards. 

We found time along the way to sponsor the Winter Carnival and present "Her- 
man and Gertrude" on Stunt Night. The men gained recognition when they became 
the Intramural Champions in basketball while the quiet female population became 
well known as strains of harmonious flutophone selections were heard throughout 
the school. 

Drama seemed to be one of our strong points that year, as five of our members, 
Paul Nash. Henry Reynolds. Alan Murray, Bunny Wary, and Nancy Alsing. lent 
their talents to the school play. "The Tender Trap." Nancy and Paul also received 
the distinction of being elected to the dramatic society. Delta Psi Omega, an honor 
bestowed upon a selected few thespians. 

In May we had the honor of capping the seniors, who had finally reached the 
mouth of the cave and were ready to step forth into the light. When we had done 
this, we realized that we were truly on our way to the completion of our formal 
enlightening period. 

As we began the last and most exciting part of our journey- we struggled to over- 
come such obstacles as lesson plans, motivation, and registers — in blue-black ink. 
Realizing that we would need an unusually skillful leader, we chose Alan Murray. 
Alan's assistants for the year were Dick Stomski. Annette Haddad. and Jean Shepard. 

Activities became our byword. Stunt night was quite successful but some of our 
members were not content with working on such a small scale and so Nancy Alsing. 
Burton Albert, and Alan Murray lent their talents and abilities to the Drama Club 
production. "The Hasty Heart." May 14 brought Cap and Gown Day and we sud- 
denly realized that we would soon be stepping out into the unknown region beyond 
the mouth of the cave. We were eager to learn what awaited us but hesitant about 
leaving the security we had known. Time seemed to have sprouted wings as we 
flew through our party at the Springs, the Senior Banquet, our last exams, and then 

We began to think about finding positions and while we looked forward to new 
places and new friends, we were saddened by the thought that we would no longer 
be together as a class. 

On June 8. 1958. our struggle temporarily ceased as we boldly stepped forth 
from the cave of ignorance to the edge of the world of light! 


Anderson, Alfred F 651 East Main Street. North Adams 

Angus, Judith A. 898 Salem Street, Lynnfield 

Barcomb, Robert 169 Liberty Street. North Adams 

Bassett, Caroline A 111 Church Street. Pittsfield 

Brazeau, Robert 27 Hull Avenue. Pittsfield 

Brodacki, Frank W.. Jr. 375 West Main Street. North Adams 

Brown, Joan R.F.D. #2. North Adams 

Calkins, Mary I 1 Dresser Avenue. Great Barrington 

Cande, Donald Lenox 

Cicchetti, John P. 376 Columbia Street. Adams 

Coughlin, Dorothy M. Ill Corinth Street. North Adams 

Crews, Phyllis E. 21 Hoosac Street. Adams 

Disco. John E. 15 Charles Street. Pittsfield 

Doherty, Peter S-~ 13 Springside Avenue. Pittsfield 

Faille. Barbara L64 North Street. North Adams 

Farinon, Marcia A. 22 Francis Street. North Adams 

Farnon, Shirley L 173 New Lenox Road. Lenox 

Fox. John J., Jr. 6 Franco Terrace. Pittsfield 

Garrity, Mary E 1017 North Street, Pittsfield 

Gaskalka, Barbara Savoy Road. Windsor 

Gaylord, Philip R. 50 Cleveland Street. Pittsfield 

Gleason, Joan 179 West Park Street. Lee 

Herrmann, Bernard F. L 10 Murray Street. Adams 

Kernahan, Barbara 68 Carson Avenue. Dalton 

Kirkpatrick, David M. 35 East Quincy Street. North Adams 

Lanigan, Sheila M. 8 Mystic Avenue. Winchester 

Less, Gloria Hoosac Street Extension. North Adams 

Love, David H New Ashford 

Lowry, Anne Clover Hill. Williamstown 

Meade, Thomas B 20 State Road, North Adams 

Niarchos, Elaine 125 California Avenue, Pittsfield 

O'Connor, Daniel F. 272 West Main Street. Williamstown 

O'Neil, Grace E .48 Southworth Street. Williamstown 

Patrie, Janet 71 River Street. North Adams 

Philie, Nancy 270 Franklin Street. North Adams 

Pomerantz, Philip N ....139 Robbins Avenue, Pittsfield 

Prendergast, Paul ..... 34 Bay State Road. Pittsfield 

Rodrigues, Francis P 125 Memorial Drive. Pittsfield 

Sherman, Bruce Grove Street. Adams 

Sitnik, Cecelia 34 Gilmore Avenue, Great Barrington 

St. Peter, Francis 51 Wilson Street. Pittsfield 

Starratt, Mabel A Route 19, North Adams 

Suitor, Robert Maple Street. Hinsdale 

Sullivan, Margaret F 472 Church Street. North Adams 

Taylor. Gordon R 165 Main Street. Williamstown 

Weinhofer. John E 12 Luther Street. North Adams 

Wynne, Louis 1053 Tyler Street. Pittsfield 


Our campus is a postage stamp affair 

Made smaller yet by dipping tiers of rolling green 

And spiny hedges grown fat and square. 

Some decent blacktop eats up more of it 

Carving a Greek Pi and a Hebrew Beyt in the grassy floor 

In a ritual show of beauty's wit. 

Rising from this tiny patch of verdancy 

Rears College Hall on stony haunches, and poses there 

Like a Grande Dame rusty with dignity. 

So far not too much, I'm afraid 

At least to those who take their measures by rule and count 

And only know worth by what is paid. 

But once within those cavernous portals 

Some magic conjures the immortals, 

And a witchery in the printed pages 

Revives the sighs of a thousand ages. 

The breath of heroes stirs again 

Louder than their battles' din. 

The smiles of Helen, and the songs of the siren 

Emerge full-bodied from the soul of a lectern. 

White-togaed visionaries stride the top hall. 

Though out of this world, they're the most real of all. 

They delve in pure thought, these classical sages, 

And speak of the good life in ethical phrases. 

And Logicians' circles and Freudian dreams 

Compose themselves near Utopian schemes. 

Comte makes a pattern of social research; 

And a Pieta hangs in a Romanesque Church. 

The scratch of a stylus, an harmonic gale 

When Debussy's whole-tone meets Brahms' modal scale. 

To Asia, at last, her academic due — 

Afghanistanism yields to Pandit Nehru. 

Newton's three laws of gravity and mass 

Reduce all the others to "keep off the grass." 

Algebra, trig, and tests and measures 

Are the pearls of State Teachers' abstract treasures. 

Curriculum, methods, and practice teaching — 

It's Dewey, versus dogmatic preaching. 

Gargoyles leer, and Bucephalus prances, 

While a diaphanous Duncan creates modern dances. 

The Tower of Pisa, and Galileo reckons 

Bodies fall thirty-two feet per second, each second. 

Wherever we look, in College Hall's sphere. 

Space seethes with life, and visions appear. 

And every one's real, and everything's true. 

Compelling our notice, expanding our view. 

Our college is a postage stamp, which so 

Extends our scope in space and time, that Betelgeuse is right next door 

And the Primal Sludge is but a wink ago. 








Adams, Lois B 215 Eagle Street. North Adams 

Baker. Starr D 45 North Summer Street. Adams 

Bickford. Elizabeth D. -316 Silver Street. Greenfield 

Boland. William M 286 East Main Street. North Adams 

Bonacquisti. Anthony J. -9 Chatham Street. Pittsfield 

Bourdon, Arthur D. —54 Bridges Road. Williamstown 

Bournazian. Jack % Robbins Avenue. Pittsfield 

Bousquet, Paula T. 61 Stickney Road. Medford 

Busold. Arnold J. 5 Teunis Street. Albany. New York 

Castaldo. Dorothy E. Ill Slocum Road. North Dartmouth 

Casuscelli, Louis J. 81 Meadow Street. North Adams 

Catalano. Eugene 202 Brown Street. Pittsfield 

Chadwick, Jane E. 175 Hathaway Road. North Dartmouth 

Chouinard, Annette A. 39 Walker Street, North Adams 

Costa, Frances 5 Hixville Road. North Dartmouth 

Crawford, Jack 700 Massachusetts Avenue, North Adams 

Darling, Brenda J. 81 North Street. Williamstown 

Dash, Alan D. 6 Meadow Street, Williamstown 

Dougherty, Alfred F. 25 Washington Avenue. North Adams 

Dwyer, Francis M 40 Kent Avenue, Pittsfield 

Eldridge, Burton F 119 Main Street. Shelburne Falls 

Farmer, Paul E. 108 Church Street, North Adams 

Field, Jeannette B — 59 Maple Street. Shelburne Falls 

Garrity, John 43 Harris Street. Pittsfield 

Gorczakorski, Genevieve M 133 Reed Street, North Adams 

Goss, Ronald S 35 Commercial Street. Adams 

Grande, Robert 76 Howland Avenue, Adams 

Harty, Lee Ann 15 Barnum Street, East Longmeadow 

Hassett, John P Park Street, Great Barrington 

Hatch, Earl J., Jr 43 Plinn Street, Pittsfield 

Kanzler, Robert F Lenox Road, Richmond 

Kay, Susan West Main Street, Chester, Connecticut 

Knowles, Amy E.„. 49 Brow Avenue, Braintree 

LaFave, Alfred 16 Second Street, Williamstown 

Lazaros, George 11 Perkins Street, Worcester 

LePine, Bernard J 11 Ruel Street, Adams 

Marcinczyk, Justina M 11 Davis Street, Pittsfield 

Marcoux, Joyce M ....179 Shawmut Street, Fall River 

McDonough, Thomas 49 Daniels Avenue, Pittsfield 

Moeller, Dorothy A 8 Exeter Street, Arlington 

Morgan, Caryl 82 Lincoln Street, Pittsfield 

Morgan, Elbert W 82 Lincoln Street, Pittsfield 

O'Donnell, Eleanor T 6 Berwick Place, Norwood 

Paris, Jean 75 Cedar Avenue. Arlington 

Pearce, Russell J 9 Stearns Avenue. Pittsfield 

Perlmutter. Martin L 41 Daniels Avenue, Pittsfield 

Provencher, Anne M 100 Veazie Street. North Adams 

Rapoza, Barbara A 46 Russells Mills. South Dartmouth 

Rauscher, George C Glendale P.O., Stockbridge 

Rogers. Barbara A __ ...18 Wallace Avenue. Auburn 

Schabacker. Donald .469 Pine Street. P. O. Cushman, Amherst 

Shea, John J 76 Maplewood Avenue, Pittsfield 

Sheldon, Glenn __ Amenia, New York 

Shepherd. Robert L 73 Warren Avenue. Dalton 

Sirard, Robert J 27 Commercial Street, Adams 

Skelley. Roberta J 76 Cooch Street, Melrose 

Slattery, Ann ...296 Church Street, North Adams 

Sprague, Robert 3 Hoosac Court, North Adams 

Stewart, Richard W 246 Rock Island Road, Quincy 

Swain. Robert 153 Highland Street, North Adams 

Tworig, Joan 106 Walter Street, Williamstown 

Vara, Frank J Baker Street, Hanson P.O., Kingston 

Walker, Jacqueline .240 North Street, Williamstown 

White, Gene R 11 Chapin Street, Milford 

Wilbur, Suzanne 28 Cleveland Street, Pittsfield 

Williams, Ronald Main Street, Interlaken 

Zendzian. Paul 8 Dodge Avenue. Worcester 







Aulisio, Gerald J ...108 Linden Street, Pittsfield 

Austin, Alfred Oblong Road, Williamstown 

Bellini, Luigina M. F 29 Central Avenue, North Adams 

Bergendahl, Carol M 55 Lincoln Street, North Adams 

Bergin, George W. ,. Buffington Hill Road, Worthington 

Bilodeau, Ronald A _ ...95 West Main Street. North Adams 

Bissaillon, Francis ...155 North Hoosac Road, Williamstown 

Bombardier, Neal 49 Davenport Street, North Adams 

Botto, Anthony J ._ _ _. 9 Jackson Avenue. Everett 

Boucher, Richard A 80 Cady Street, North Adams 

Brescia, Anthony M 10 Glenn Street, Williamstown 

Brodeur, Judith E 35 Temple Street, Adams 

Campbell, Suzanne Imperial Street. Lanesboro 

Cantoni, Carmella R _ 46 Liberty Street, North Adams 

Carr, James C 884 East Main Street. Dalton 

Cimini, Peter R .59 East Housatonic Street, Pittsfield 

Clark, Herbert W., Ill 160 Marion Avenue. North Adams 

Collins, Garrett F., Jr Curtis Street, Hinsdale 

Coughlin, Carole J 70 Prospect Hill Drive, North Weymouth 

Cramer, Arthur S _ ...Richmond Hill. Cheshire 

Dahill, Judith A 14 Anthony Street, South Dartmouth 

Daniels, Frank N .....80 North Holden Street. North Adams 

Davis, Frank T. R.F.D. #1. East Street, North Adams 

Delisle, Robert C 352 East Main Street, North Adams 

Dobbins, Mrs. Hope J 183 Bartlett Avenue, Pittsfield 

Duda. John J.... Northeast Main Street, East Douglas 

Dunn, Bernard 199 Harryell Street, Pittsfield 

Dunton, Shirley R 77 Yale Street. North Adams 

Fanos, Judith M 45 Belvidere Avenue. Pittsfield 

Farmer, John A 194 Notch Road. North Adams 

Fassell, Mary Ellen 26 Crane Avenue. Pittsfield 

Fidler, Carol J. 157 Myrtle Street. New Bedford 

Fleischman, David 702 Allen Street. Springfield 8 

Foster, Daniel W 103 Eagle Street, North Adams 

Gagliardi, Patricia Ann 374 Ashland Street. North Adams 

Gallese, Diane M .312 Eagle Street, North Adams 

Goodermote, Waldo R .17 Francis Avenue. Adams 

Hardy, Edward L East Street, Duxbury 

Harriman, Thurza E Emmet Road, South Ashfield 

Harris, Rochelle 29 McArthur Street, Pittsfield 

Huxtable, John David 12 Taconic Street, Pittsfield 

Jones, Jessica B 41 Pine Street, Whitinsville 

Koopman, Ann F 42 Ocean Avenue, North Weymouth 

Korzendorfer, Eileen J 26 Forest Park Avenue, Adams 

Kurpaska, Anthony W. R.F.D. State Road, Cheshire 

Leitch, Charles N., Jr.. North Street, Cheshire 

Leonardi, Alfred J., Jr. 34 Cole Avenue. Williamstown 

Maluda, Walterina E 140 Cliff Street, North Adams 

Manson, William D _ 60 Murray Avenue. North Adams 

Marchio, Patty-Jo... 67 Lois Street. North Adams 

Maroni, Jane E. .....205 East Quincy Street. North Adams 

Marshall, Aurelia T 154 Elm Street, Pittsfield 

Mastroianni. Robert E 307 Walnut Street, North Adams 

Mattis, Gail L Box 54, Windsor 

Mattson, Robert C... 33 Southworth Street. Williamstown 

Mayers, Jeanette E._ ... 89 Plain Street, South Braintree 

Moczulewski, Rita M 91 Russell Street. Hadley 

Molloy, George B .......31 B. Street. Adams 

Murray, Rosalie J 17 Yale Street. North Adams 

Nary. Shirley Anne 79 Veazie Street, North Adams 

Neveu, Elizabeth 129 Glen Avenue, North Adams 

Paquin. Thomas 292 Eagle Street, North Adams 

Parisien, Mary Brenda 1001 Mohawk Trail. North Adams 

Pellerin. George 62 Harvard Street, Pittsfield 

Pomeroy, Mary..... 41 High Street, Pittsfield 

Porter, Michael E __ 35 Maple Street, Williamstown 

Powers, William G .....31 Chestnut Street, North Adams 

Reed, Richard H 20 Notch Road, North Adams 

Richards. Richard E 68 Beaver Street, North Adams 

Rohane. Robert J __ 23 B Street. Adams 

Rosch. Robert 35 Pebbel Street, North Adams 

Savage, Judith K Green River Road. Williamstown 

Scaldine. Judith F 92 Crescent Street, Franklin 

Shaw. Clayton R 60 Summer Street. Westboro 

Smart. Raymond... __ —.69 John Street, Dalton 

Soule. Eleanor G 3400 West Shore Road. Apponaug, Rhode Island 

St. Pierre. George V _ 3 West Pine Street, Adams 

St. Pierre. Richard W. ....3 West Pine Street, Adams 

Steffens. Denise M 579 Barbour Street, North Adams 

Tassone, Richard F 229 River Street, North Adams 

Thibert, Gloria R 323 East Main Street, North Adams 

Tierney, Sandra J 76 Hooker Avenue. Somerville 

Treat, Betty-Jean Manchester Depot, Vermont 

Varno. William E __ ._ 204 Columbia Street, Adams 

Walden. Judith W 17 Northern Lights Avenue, North Adams 

Walker, Marie S 60 Park Street, New Bedford 

Warren, Judith L 119 Albert Street, Agawam 

Whiteley, Susan W ...25 Delano Way, South Dartmouth 

Wilson, George W.. Jr 135 Columbia Street, Adams 

Windover. Linda Ann 19 Allengate Avenue, Pittsfield 

Zavattaro, Joseph, Jr 14 Allessio Street, Pittsfield 


Student Council 

"And as we are to have the best of guardians for our city, must they not be those 
who have most the character of guardians?" 

Dormitory Council 

"There is nothing peculiar in the constitution of women which would affect them 
in the administration of the State." 

Newman Club 

The soul, when choosing a new life, must of necessity become different.'' 

Christian Association 

"Let each one of us leave every other kind of knowledge and seek and follow one 
thing only ... to learn and discern between good and evil." 

Science Club 

"Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to 

Current Events Club 

'And they praise some things which are being said or done . . .' 

Glee Club 

"Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul. 

Drama Club 

'Neither are comic and tragic actors the same." 


We had done with the subject and might proceed to the style." 

College Union Board 

"Clearly they will buy and sell." 

Ltt. • 


i; fi 




'The beginning is the most important part of any work, especially in the case of 
a young and tender thing." 

Alter Natus 

"And we shall want more servants." 


"All the pursuits of men are the pursuits of women also . . ." 


"Gymnastics as well as music should begin in early years; the training in it should 
be careful and should continue through life." 

Honor Society 

'Certainly knowledge is a faculty and the mightiest of all faculties. 

I CQ<n?ay 






CO fJm 



^ s 

O h 
h- J CD 

a> o 

Ih ►** 
CD ,— I 

• -i cu 

Ph- £ 

. CS 


S £ 



>H l-iH 

rv, i^U 


In the past few years, North Adams State Teachers College was considered the 
last resort in basketball among the colleges in Western Massachusetts. However, 
time has changed and with it so has our major sport. The recently completed 
campaign bears true witness to this spectacular change. In a real sense North 
Adams, record-wise, was one of the most victorious college teams in Western 
Massachusetts during the '57-'58 season. Moreover, affirming the superiority of 
the team are the resounding wins over such stalwarts as New Britain and Willimantic. 

It was because of such triumphs that we completed our season with an overall 
record of eleven wins and five losses, while our New England Conference record 
stood at an admirable ten wins — four losses. The crowning point of the season was 
reached when North Adams scored one of the greatest victories in the history of 
the college by surprising New Britain State Teachers College 67-55. Yet we found 
ourselves at the close of the season losing, to the Connecticut five, a berth in the 
N.E.T.C. play-offs. 

All the laurels, however, must be bestowed upon the coach and the team, whose 
starting five proved to be a well-knit combination. Under the direction of our 
expert coach, Hyman Patashnick, we gained good board control from our rebounding 
aces, Paul Farmer and Fred LaFave, while Arnie Busold and George St. Pierre pro- 
vided an excellent scoring combination. Joe Zavattaro assumed the role of play- 
maker and floor general. Assisting in many ways in the conquests was the strong 
reserve which proved to be the determining factor in this year's success. 

In the final analysis the 1957-1958 season brought North Adams into the lime- 
light of competitive basketball among the New England teachers colleges. The 
results achieved during this season not only attest to the potential of the team but 
they also indicate great things in the future for North Adams State Teachers 
College. Thus, in our four years, North Adams has once again become one of the 
foremost contenders in New England Teachers Conference basketball. 


Westfield . ...55 

Lowell 45 

Keene 80 

North Adams .82 

Albany Pharmacy 58 

North Adams 67 

North Adams 74 

North Adams 70 

North Adams 81 

Salem 72 

North Adams 67 

North Adams 64 

North Adams 62 

North Adams 84 

North Adams ...65 

North Adams ...47 

North Adams 44 

North Adams 69 

Albany Business 77 

North Adams 55 

Castleton 64 

Willimantic 73 

Lowell .58 

Westfield 48 

North Adams 67 

New Britain 55 

Castleton 45 

Rhode Island 51 

Willimantic 80 

Fitchburg 50 

North Adams gained a forfeit from Keene. 

Overall record 11 — 5 

New England Conference record 10 — 4 




These headlines, which blared across the North Adams Transcript, announced the 
arrival of basehall at State Teachers College after a lapse of more than a decade. 
Under the guidance of Joe Zavattaro, a former Pittsburgh Pirates farm system player, 
the team initiated its rather short season by defeating Castleton twice and losing a 
thriller to the Williams College Freshmen. 

As it awaits entrance into the New England Teachers College Baseball Conference, 
the team is fast becoming a strong outfit and formidable competitor. 


Fred LaFave 

Al Austin 

Ronald Bilodeau 

Peter Cimini 

Earl Hatch 
George Smart 
John Farmer 
Dan Foster 

Gene White 

George Bergin 

George St. Pierre 

Fran Bissailion 

George Pellerin, Jr. 

PLAYER-MANAGER: Joe Zavattaro 







W It 

A tea v 1 T ' • i BL 




■'*' JV 



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Editor ......AUDREY KRONICK 

Assistant Editor VIOLA HOGAN 

Literary Editor SHIRLEY SWEET 

Assistants ELNA RODDA 


Art Editors ALAN MURRAY 



Photography Editor RICHARD STOMSKI 

Candids Editor ... PHILIP COLLINS 

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Advisors .....MARY UNDERHILL 


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